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We are proud to be supporting the dental check by 1 scheme (DCB1)

We are proud to be supporting the dental check by 1 scheme (DCB1)

Background information about the Dental Check Scheme.

Recent studies have shown that Leicester has a high decay rate in children. By the age of 3 years old, 18.6% of children have dental decay which is higher than the national average. We feel obliged to try to reverse this statistic and have chosen to actively campaign to support the DCB1 scheme. We believe that providing a positive experience whilst a child is in their infant years builds better future compliance.

What does DCB1 mean?

DCB1 stands for dental check by the age of 1. The scheme is to encourage parents to bring their baby in for an appointment before the age of 1. A dental appointment by the age of one is an opportunity for parents to get valuable advice from the dental team. Don’t worry if you think your baby won’t open their mouth what’s important is the advice you will receive. At your appointment we will discuss:

  • Brushing your baby’s teeth
  • A healthy diet
  • The importance of regular dental checks

Do you have child friendly facilities?


  • We are a breast feeding friendly practice and have a quiet area upstairs if you prefer.
  • We have recently invested in a baby changing unit for our downstairs toilet.
  • Our doors open both ways to allow for ease of wheelchairs and pushchairs.
  • We have team members who hold childcare qualifications.
  • Dedicated children’s area with plenty of toys for all including dental role play toys, bricks and interactive toys.
  • Educational books for all ages even a “ Visiting the dentist “ By Peppa pig perfect for younger children.
  • We also have a television that can be used if required – just ask our reception team to change the channel.

What will happen at the appointment and how will the dentist examine my baby?

We will ask you to complete a medical history for your child, you can choose to do this prior to the appointment or whilst you wait. The dental nurse will call you in and greet your child with a friendly smile. Sometimes we find it easier if you sit on the dental chair with your baby as they feel more comfortable. We will allow your baby to hold the mirror if they would like to and will never put pressure on your baby to open their mouth. It is always a good idea to practice at home.

What happens if my child won’t open their mouth?

Don’t panic or worry! It is normal for children to be uncertain or feel a little worried but remember this is a new experience for them. By bringing your child to the dentist they will become more familiar with the environment. Remember we will also discuss dietary and oral hygiene advice which at this stage is the most important. We will ask you to book a return visit at reception for 3-6 month times.

Why are baby teeth important?

Baby teeth can still cause pain if there is an infection or decay. They also act as space makers for the permanent teeth, if baby teeth are lost to early there is a higher possibility of crowding in adolescent years. Also baby teeth can last up to 12 years! So it is very important to look after them just as well as permanent adult teeth.

Dental Practice of the Year Awards

In 2019 we became the NASDAL DCB1 FINALIST

Want to know more?

Please Get in Touch with our friendly reception team to find our more or call us on 0116 288 1001.

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